Prospective Students

Checklist for Incoming Students

All students must complete/have in place the following prior to moving into the halls:

  1. Register for and attend New Student Orientation (only for residence hall students)
  2. Apply for and follow up with Financial Aid. FAFSA is not the only part of financial aid - it requires many steps!

    • Accept offered loans, if desired, by signing promissory notes and completing entrance counseling.
    • Apply for TAP (this is a separate process).
    • Provide your Certificate of Residency prior to the start of the semester if you are an out of county NY state resident
    • Follow the process listed on the Financial Aid website

  3. Provide documentation of current health insurance (copy of your insurance card) to the Housing and Residence Life Office or Health Services
  4. Provide documentation of up-to-date immunizations to the Housing and Residence Life Office or Health Services
  5. Register for 12 or more credit hours of class - you MUST be a full time student to live in the residence halls
  6. Plan for how you are going to manage your college bill, keeping in mind that (a) changing courses may change course fees,(b) there is a deadline to sign up for the college payment plan,(c) being dropped from/failing to attend classes will adjust your aid, etc. Your bill should be at zero by the time you begin to attend class in August OR you should be enrolled in the payment plan.

If you do not have these things in place prior to your arrival, you may not be permitted to move into the halls until you are able to complete them.

Important Things to Know

There are always nuances to living in any building or location, especially on a college campus. Below are a list of things we felt it was important to disclose prior to your arrival to make planning as smooth as possible.

  • Mail/Packages: please do not overnight anything. It will not arrive here overnight, so please save yourself the extra shipping costs. Mail comes to the Henrietta post office, then is delivered to our campus and makes its way to the mail room. The mail room sorts the mail and then brings it to the Housing and Residence Life Office. The HRL Office sorts it and then sends it over to the Residence Halls ~ this is a 2-3 day process overall. We expedite everything as quickly as possible, but the reality of our system is that it's impossible to have something delivered overnight.
  • Parking: Residence hall students have a separate registration from commuter students and may only park in lots R, S, and T. Our lots are designated for residence hall students only. You may do this online through your student account or at Parking Services in Building 7 Room 341. Please bring a copy of your vehicle registration and photo ID.
  • Storage: We do not offer storage for summer. Everything you bring with you must go home with you unless you are planning to remain and take a summer course.
  • Bedroom Furniture: Is movable and you (and your roommate) can decide how you would like to have things arranged. Please note that there must be 36" of egress (space) to enter/exit the room. That means that the door must be able to open into the room as widely as possible. If you are concerned about storage space in your room, regular sized totes work very well. The beds are height adjustable and you are able to store a significant amount of items beneath them.
  • Fridges: We offer a regular sized refrigerator in the suite's common kitchen area (along with a full oven/range, microwave, and dishwasher). If you would like to purchase your own personal refrigerator, you may have one that is as large as 4.0 cubic feet for your personal bedroom.
  • Meals/Cooking: Most of this will happen in your suite. Please arrange to have proper cookware, to be a diligent and present cook (not microwaving something for 30 minutes and walking away, when it only needed to be in for 3 minutes), and to properly clean up after yourself when you are finished. We inspect suites and do not want any additional four or six legged residents occupying our spaces, nor do we want unnecessary fire alarms because of negligent cooking or dirty stove tops.
  • Breaks: ALL students must vacate for breaks. There are no exceptions for students who have local jobs or who live any particular distance away. Please plan to vacate for ALL listed college breaks.
  • Be kind and respectful: Treat other people with care. We have so much diversity in the residence halls and across campus - having an open mind and an ability to compromise is important.