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Services Offered

In order to provide a supportive atmosphere for students, the Student Support Services program offers services that orient students to college life. These services include:

Free Tutoring

We offer tutoring for all TRS and ESOL classes as well as many of the classes that students commonly take. Once you are a member of Student Support Services, all you need to do is go to 11-211 and make an appointment for an hour long, one-on-one session with a peer or professional tutor. To become a member, see any staff person.

Personal Counseling

Student Support Services has a full-time counselor on staff who has a Masters degree and credentials as a Nationally Certified Counselor. If a student needs someone to talk to about events or personal challenges they are facing, they can feel free to see any staff member to be directed to our counselor.

Academic and Financial Aid Advisement

The Student Support Services Program includes staff members who offer advisement to students in the Transitional Studies department. These students are all taking classes to bring their skills in math and English to college level. As such, they need extra services such as tutoring, specialized advisement and financial aid advisement. Affording college is something every student must struggle with. We are here to assist our students through the confusing maze of applying for and understanding financial aid.

Transfer Advisement

We want to see our students succeed and go on for further education. We like to see our students pursuing Bachelors and even Masters degrees. Toward that end, our transfer advisor offers a variety of transfer initiatives to increase students' awareness of transfer options and to help students with college applications, financial aid, and course evaluation for transfer to enable them to successfully transfer to four-year institutions.

College Survival Workshops

We present a full array of workshops every semester to help students learn better. Some of the topics include; study skills, learning styles, communication skills and test taking/test anxiety. Please see any staff member for a schedule of these 50 minute events which can be held during college hour or at an arranged time.

Testing Accommodations

In cooperation with the office of Services for Students with Disabilities (part of the Counseling Center), we offer testing accommodations, extended test time, readers, scribes etc., to any student with a documented disability.

College Tours

We also offer tours of local colleges. We take students on short excursions to see other colleges and meet with officials there.