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Tutoring and Academic Assistance Center (TAAC) Overview

Services formerly provided by the Academic Foundations Learning Center, Writing Center, and Center for Academic Reading (CAR) have been consolidated and relocated to one convenient location now known as the Tutoring and Academic Assistance Center (TAAC). The recent implementation of the TAAC will provide Monroe Community College with a unique opportunity to serve students in an efficient manner.

The TAAC fosters an academic environment that is accessible and equitable to all students enrolled at MCC. The TAAC aims to assist students with becoming independent learners, promoting critical thinking, and providing support from trained professionals. Students can work with tutoring staff to assess their academic needs and develop interventions for tackling challenges in particular courses. 

TAAC Staff

When visiting the TAAC, students will have access to academic coaches, peer tutors, professional tutors, and writing consultants. Each member of the TAAC staff will complete rigorous training standards and best practices set by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

  • Academic Coach
    Assists students with developing effective reading and learning strategies to become self-regulated learners. The role of the coach is to help the student improve academically by identifying strengths and weaknesses and designing appropriate activities to improve their learning.
  • Peer Tutor
    Current MCC students who have mastered course content in a particular discipline. Peer tutors work with other students to help them develop effective learning strategies and to become self-regulated learners.
  • Professional Tutor
    Assists students with discipline-specific content, while working with them to develop effective learning strategies.
  • Writing Consultant
    Works with students to develop effective writing strategies and to become self-regulated learners.


Brighton Campus - Room 11-211
Downtown Campus - 4th Floor Learning Commons