2+2 Transfer Pathways

What is a 2+2 Transfer Pathway?

2+2 Transfer Pathways outline optimal courses for obtaining an Associate degree from MCC and transferring to participating 4-year colleges. Each pathway is tailored for a specific major at a specified 4-year institution. Unique advising guides outline the courses that need to be successfully completed at MCC as well as the suggested GPA for transfer. MCC students complete the 4-year college application knowing they have a solid foundation for a smooth transition to their next college or university as well as an Associate’s degree.Note: Bachelor degree completion may take longer than four years depending on prerequisite courses needed, course sequencing, and/or the curriculum of 4-year program.

What are “Competitive 2+2 Transfer Pathways” and how are they different?

A small number of 2+2 Transfer Pathways are considered “competitive” as there are specific entrance requirements, limited seat availability, or other factors that can impact acceptance by the 4-year college. These Competitive 2+2 Transfer Pathways are best suited for the first-time, full-time matriculated student. There are specific guidelines that a student must meet. Please note that international students are not eligible for this option. Contact Advisement and Transfer Services for more information.  

Can a student transfer to one of the 2+2 colleges even if they are NOT enrolled in a 2+2?

Absolutely! Assistance with this can be found in the Advisement and Transfer Services office. 

If a student doesn't complete the requirements in the 2+2 advising guide, can they still attend the four-year college?

Yes. The student would apply, and the admissions decision will be made by the 4-year college.

What degree programs are included in 2+2 Transfer Pathways?

The number of majors varies from college to college. The 2+2 Advising Guides page allows you to perform a search based on academic program. Make sure to look under "Liberal Arts and Sciences - Major Listing Sheet" for many options!

Can a student attend other four-year colleges not included under the 2+2? 

Definitely! MCC graduates attend over 120 different colleges and universities on an annual basis. Students are encouraged to identify the college of their choice as soon as possible so that appropriate semester plans can be designed to optimize course selection and transfer of credit.