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Health Information Technology/Medical Records

A.A.S. Degree - Career Program

Department:Health Professions

School(s): Health Sciences & Physical Wellness

MCC Program Code: HI01
CIP Code: 51.0707
NYSED Code (BRI): 01235

This program's design is based on: Traditional MCC General Education

The individual holding an associate degree in health information technology is the technical expert in health data collection, analysis, monitoring, maintenance, and reporting activities in accordance with established data quality principles, legal and regulatory standards, and professional best practice guidelines. These functions encompass, among other areas, processing and using health data for coding, billing, compliance, and surveillance purposes. In an e-health environment, this individual performs these functions through the use of various electronic systems.

Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT) are employed in managerial or technical capacities in health information departments of hospitals, health clinics, long term care facilities, and other health care facilities. Opportunities are available in quality improvement programs, hospital associations, industries, governmental agencies, health information systems, insurance companies, financial auditing firms, and consulting.

Admission and continuation in the HIT program is conditional upon completion of the following requirements:

A. A grade of C or better in High School Biology.
B. All college placement test recommendations must be completed prior to full admission to the program.
C. Completion of medical requirements, clearance of existing health problem(s), and ability to meet essential functions (physical and mental demands) of the program.
D. A grade of C or better is required in all BIO and HIM courses, as well as MTH 150 and CRC 120 in order to meet degree requirements.
1. A grade of C or better is required, first time, in HIM 100 and HIM 103 for continued matriculation in the program.
2. A student who fails to achieve a grade of C or better in BIO, other HIM courses, as well as MTH 150 and CRC 120, will be given the opportunity to repeat the course once. This option may be elected for a maximum of two courses. No HIM course may be taken more than twice.
3. Successful completion of each Professional Practice internship is required in order to remain in the program.
Readmission to the program is not automatic. Students seeking readmission to the program should contact the Program Director for Health Information Technology for information. Readmission, if approved, is always on a space available basis.
The program of study must be completed within five years of matriculation.
The student is responsible for arranging transportation to and from the College and local professional practice sites when required.

Program Learning Outcomes
1) Manage healthcare data appropriately in accordance with its intended use.
2) Apply sound principles of confidentiality and security to health information as prescribed by law.
3) Utilize strategies in health information technologies to enable decision making by healthcare professionals.
4) Apply healthcare reimbursement principles in accordance with established requirements in a healthcare environment.
5) Assist healthcare professionals in maintaining documented compliance with health information regulations and standards.
6) Demonstrate leadership skills at strategic, tactical or operational levels.
7) Identify and discuss key medical terms and associated concepts underpinning the health information technology profession.
8) Apply critical thinking skills within the context of the health information profession.
9) Practice behaviors consistent with strong personal branding standards.