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MCC Courses meeting New SUNY Gen Ed

Courses are 3 credits unless the credits are noted next to the course title

You can find the former SUNY General Education framework.

SUNY - Arts (ARTS)
SUNY - Communication - Written and Oral (COMW, COMO)
SUNY - Critical Thinking and Reasoning Competency (CTRN)
SUNY - Diversity: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (DVRS)
SUNY - Humanities (HUMN)
SUNY - Information Literacy Competency (INFO)
SUNY - Mathematics (and Quantitative Reasoning) (MATH)
SUNY - Natural Sciences (and Scientific Reasoning) (NSCI)
SUNY - Social Sciences (SOCS)
SUNY - U.S. History and Civic Engagement (USCV)
SUNY - World History and Global Awareness (WHGA)
SUNY - World Languages (WLNG)