Course Descriptions

OPT 110 - Introduction to Optical Technology

3 Credits

Familiarizes students with the important aspects of technical optics, including terminology, fundamentals and principles, optical instruments and their relation to mechanics and electronics; wave optics including such recent developments as lasers; optical processes and testing techniques, and photography and its uses. This course should provide the student with an appreciation of how optics may be related to their own major interests.

MCC General Education: MCC-TL - Technological Literacy (MTL)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify a variety of light sources from their spectra.
2. Explain the functioning of the human visual system.
3. Identify the fundamental concepts of optics, which could include the areas of Geometric Optics, Wave Optics or Quantum Optics.
4. Describe the process used to manufacture different optical components.
5. Describe how concepts in optics play a role in applications or devices found in modern society.
6. Describe the skills and knowledge required for the various careers in the Optics industry.

Course Offered Fall

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