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Course Descriptions

HMN 101 - Humanities: Experiencing Culture

3 Credits

An interdisciplinary humanities course designed to introduce students to definitions and examples of culture in the Humanities. As a required part of the course, students will attend various cultural events (plays, musical performances, gallery exhibits, lectures and speeches, etc.) on campus and use the experiences as starting points to critically discuss and write about historical and contemporary ideas of culture and its products. The general knowledge areas include: The creative process, changing cultural values and social conditions, influences of scientific advancements, and global interdependence.

Prerequisite(s): Waiver of accuplacer reading and sentence level tests; score of 71 or higher on reading test and 82 or higher on sentence level test; or completion of TRS 200 with a C or better; or completion of TRS 105 with a C or higher; or completion of ESL 201 with a C or higher, or ENG 200 placement.

Learning Attributes: WR

MCC General Education: MCC-AH - Arts and Humanities (MAH)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe specific elements of the humanities.
2. Describe specific assumptions of the humanities.
3. Explain how historical context can influence perceptions and interpretations.
4. Explain how cultural values can influence perceptions and interpretations.
5. Explain how gender can influence perceptions and interpretations.
6. Interpret expressions of human experience using critical analysis.
7. Evaluate expressions of human experience using critical analysis.
8. Apply critical analysis and intuitive response while attending multiple cultural events.
9. Compose significant projects (multi-modal) using an expression of human experience as a primary source.
10. Apply the appropriate formal conventions when writing about expressions of human experience.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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