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Course Descriptions

PHL 108 - World Religions: Western Traditions

3 Credits

An introduction to the academic study of religion through the exploration of some of the major Western religious traditions of the world. This course examines the historical development, the fundamental doctrines and beliefs, practices, institutions, and cultural expressions of Western religious traditions. This course also addresses some of the essential differences and similarities that exist among Western religious traditions, and points to the uniqueness of each of them. The course includes the examination of ancient religious culture, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Learning Attributes: WR

SUNY General Education: SUNY-WC - Western Civilization (SWCV)

MCC General Education: MCC-CT - Critical Thinking (MCT), MCC-GLO - Global Understanding (MGLO), MCC-SSD - Social Science and Diversity (MSSD)

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Distinguish among different kinds of theories of religion.
2.Interpret phenomena found in Western Religions using concepts from religious studies, theology, philosophy, or the social sciences.
3.Explain origins and historical development of Western religions.
4.Describe social structures associated with various Western religions (i.e. institutions, economy, society).
5.Differentiate among conceptions of humanity, divinity, cosmos, duty, virtue, and community (i.e., culture) in various Western religions.
6.Explain the spread of Western religions to other parts of the world.
7.Explain the spread of religions originating in other parts of the world in the Western hemisphere.
8.Evaluate personal character based on standards of virtue found in Western religions.
9.Write a plan for personal character development based on standards of virtue found in Western religions.

Course Offered Fall

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