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Course Descriptions

POS 203 - Civil Liberties and Rights in the U.S.

3 Credits

An examination of controversial issues in Constitutional history. This includes a focus on the decision making process of the federal court system with regards to the civil liberties and rights enumerated in the Constitution. Students will read landmark Supreme Court cases which determine both the limits and content of government powers and vital personal freedoms.

Learning Attributes: WR

SUNY General Education: SUNY-AH - American History (SAMH)

MCC General Education: MCC-SSD - Social Science and Diversity (MSSD)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the structure of the U.S. Supreme Court within the context of the Constitution
2. Explain the process of the U.S. Supreme Court within the context of the Constitution
3. Describe and explain the content of rulings of the Supreme Court in areas of public policy
4. Assess the principles of legal interpretation that shape the Supreme Court’s analysis of major public policy issues
5. Evaluate the impact of the Supreme Court’s rulings on the American government and society
6. Explain the role of the Supreme Court and its decisions relating to international issues
7. Utilize writing to communicate an understanding, application, analysis, or evaluation of material covered in this course.

Course Offered Fall

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