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Course Descriptions

ENG 122 - Personal Writing

3 Credits

A writing workshop for students who want to learn the building blocks of the personal narrative. The creative process will emphasize methods for shaping personal experiences into prose such as establishing a narrative arc, developing strong characters, creating vivid descriptions, and building and connecting scenes. Most importantly, students will learn how to connect their experiences to the larger world. Writing assignments may include journal, flash, poetic or lyrical writing, and/or other non-fictional narrative structures.

Prerequisite(s): Placement exam at ENG 101 level.

Learning Attributes: WR

MCC General Education: MCC-BCW - Writing (MBCW)

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Shape personal experiences into compelling narratives using such structures as the flash form, the journal, the lyrical essay, the collage, the profile, or other experimental non-fiction forms.
2.Develop voice, tone, style, conflict, character, dialogue, or setting through written assignments.
3.Use a variety of literary devices in the development of personal narrative.
4.Exhibit proficiency in revision practices.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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