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Course Descriptions

PHL 250 - Professional Ethics

3 Credits

A study of ethical principles and of ethical problems in the professional world. The course is intended to provide students with the ability to analyze ethical situations within a specific profession such as health care, business, and public administration. The course includes lectures, discussions, case analyses, the study of codes of ethics, and individual projects. The topic for each semester is indicated in the course title. The course may not be repeated for additional credit hours.

Learning Attributes: WR

SUNY General Education: SUNY-H - Humanities (SHUM)

MCC General Education: MCC-AH - Arts and Humanities (MAH), MCC-BCW - Writing (MBCW), MCC-CT - Critical Thinking (MCT), MCC-VE - Values and Ethics (MVE)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Analyze a philosophical argument on a specific problem or question in professional ethics.
2. Apply specific ethical theories to current social issues using the case-study method.
3. Apply specific ethical theories to examples of institutional or interpersonal conflict using the case-study method.
4. Apply key concepts central to the study of professional ethics.
5. Summarize complex readings in professional ethics.
6. Discuss significant questions or problems in contemporary professional ethics.
7. Defend an argument in professional ethics in writing.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2022
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