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Code of Conduct for Users of College Computer Systems

MCC computer facilities and systems are intended for appropriate college related work. Please note that MCC computer systems are public access and users should have no expectations of privacy.

Individuals using MCC’s computing facilities are NOT permitted to:

• Copy, download, change, distribute or modify any computer programs in part or whole from a website, textbook or another individual without the written consent or permission of the owner. This may be considered plagiarism and/or a violation of copyright and patent laws.

• Use MCC facilities and systems for the purpose of advertising or running an organization or business.

• Send, view and/or print lewd or pornographic materials unless directly authorized in writing by College personnel.

• Reveal their password to anyone including faculty and staff, or let another person use their account. Users are responsible for what is done with their account.

• Access, change, copy, delete, distribute and/or read files without the permission of the owner.

• Engage in malicious activity designed to harm computers and networks. Such activity includes but is not limited to: hacking systems; disabling or crashing systems; network sniffing; sending viruses, malware or mass e-mail; creating unnecessary or multiple jobs and processes.

• Bypass accounting or security mechanisms, attempt to circumvent data-protection or system consistency schemes, or attempt to uncover security loopholes.

• Harass others by sending annoying, obscene, libelous, or threatening messages.

• Aid or abet another person in violating any part of this Code of Conduct.

• Violate any other state, local or federal laws or regulations.

This Code of Conduct is intended to require compliance with all local, state, and federal laws. Misuse of computer facilities is considered a violation of College policy. Individuals who violate any part of the Code of Conduct will be subject to college disciplinary action, criminal prosecution or civil action as determined by college authorities. Use of MCC computer systems is a privilege that may be revoked during investigation of violation, or a finding of violation, of this Code of Conduct.

Questions about this Code of Conduct for Monroe Community College should be directed to the Vice President of Administrative Services.