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Course Formats: On Campus & Distance Learning

MCC will be offering face-to-face instruction, while continuing to offer robust online offerings and remote options to allow for flexibility. For the distance learning formats, students will not come to campus.


MCC on-campus courses will have all or part of the course on campus. For these types of courses, students will be expected to come to campus:

  • Traditional classes have all instruction delivered on campus. Students are expected to come to campus for each scheduled meeting time.
  • Hybrid classes have only a portion of the learning on campus. The rest are delivered remotely or online. Most hybrid courses combine a lecture (being delivered remotely or online) and a laboratory (delivered in-person).


MCC distance learning courses will have two options. For both of these types of courses, students will not come to campus:

  • SUNY Online classes are offered through MCC’s online Brightspace learning management system. Students choose when to sign in and participate in course activities but are expected to meet faculty attendance and participation requirements. In an online course, participation and attendance is defined as logging into the learning management system as required by the instructor.
  • Remote-Live (RMT) classes use Brightspace, Zoom, or other technologies. Students will sign in and participate virtually in lectures and group work during the specific times listed for the class.
  • Remote-reduced classes require both virtual attendance in remote classes and classwork done through assignments in Brightspace. Compared to Remote classes, time required in the virtual remote classroom is less but there are more assignments and activities to be completed in Brightspace.

Students will also be expected to participate in other classroom activities, which may include watching or reading lectures, engaging in Brightspace discussion forums, and/or participating in virtual group activities. These additional activities will be completed on the student’s own time and not during the Remote class meeting times.