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Students may pre-register for classes for the next term during the priority registration period. Priority registration is held at the beginning of the registration cycle to allow current students to pre-register for courses before new and returning students are permitted to register. Therefore, current students are given the chance to register before all other students based on the number of credit hours they have earned. Students with more credit can register before students with fewer credits hours. Non-matriculated students are permitted to register after matriculated student priority registration closes.

Fall priority registration traditionally begins in March and spring priority registration begins in October. Open registration begins after the three-week priority registration closes. You may view the exact dates of priority registration.

Students may register in one of the following ways:


• In person at the Registration & Records Office on the Brighton Campus or at the Student Services Office at the Downtown Campus

• By mail

• By fax at 585-292-3850

Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis. Contact the Registration & Records Office for more information at 585-292-2300 or via e-mail at Information on registering for courses is e-mailed to current students. Registration assignments are based on credit hours accumulated. This information is also available at

Academic Hold on Student Record

A “hold” may be placed on a student’s academic record for various reasons, including (but not limited to):

• non-payment of tuition and fees

• not returning library books, physical education and other college equipment

• not satisfying the measles, mumps, rubella immunization requirement

• non-payment of parking obligations and fines

• academic reasons - Students with less than a 2.0 average may not register for future semesters unless they receive academic advisement.

Most “holds” prevent release of the student’s academic transcript until the obligation has been resolved. Students who owe the college more than $500.00 will not be permitted to register.