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Grading System

Credit Courses

Grades are issued to students at the end of the semester. Students may obtain their grades online.

The grading system is as follows:

Grade Interpretation Numerical Value # of Grade
A Excellent4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B Above Average3.0
C Average2.0
D Below Average1.0
D- Minimum Passing Grade.0.7
F Failure0*
W Student Withdrawal*
I Incomplete*
AU Audit**

*Semester hour credit and quality points shall not be granted.

**Administratively assigned grades. Semester and cumulative averages are calculated only on the basis of credit courses completed with grades of A through F.

Note: Developmental courses are graded on the same scale but offer only imputed credit; the hours are included for billing purposes but not in the cumulative grade point average.


The grading system for non-credit courses, continuing education units (CEU's) is as follows:

Grade & Interpretation

I Incomplete
AU Audit

S Satisfactory

U Unsatisfactory

Incomplete Policy

The grade of “I” may be assigned by faculty in special circumstances in which the course requirements have not been completed by the student. Grades of "I" are given at the discretion of the faculty member. Student eligibility will depend on academic standing in the course and the percentage of work completed, as determined by the instructor. A written statement of requirements for completing the course must be signed by the faculty member, student and appropriate department chair and filed with the department chairperson by the faculty member prior to the due date for the submission of final grades. A copy of this contract should also be sent to the Office of Registration and Records. When final grades are submitted, the faculty member must also indicate the alternate letter grade that the student receiving the "I" shall receive in the future if these requirements are not completed. Credit hours and quality points are not assigned for an "I" grade until it is converted to another grade.

When the requirements have been completed, but no later than one year from the date of issuance, the faculty member (or department chairperson, if faculty member is not available) will submit a grade change from "I" to another letter grade. If no grade change is submitted within one year, then the "I" grade will be converted to the alternate grade indicated previously by the faculty member.

Change of Grade

If for any reason a faculty member finds it necessary to change a grade after the grades have been submitted to the Office of Registration and Records, the faculty member shall submit reasons in writing to the Department Chairperson on the academic record change form which shall be subsequently approved by the Department Chairperson and then forwarded to the Office of Registration and Records. A student who wishes to contest a grade should follow the Academic Grievance Policy, which is outlined in the Student Handbook under Rights and Freedoms of Students.

Semester Average

Semester Average Example
CourseCredit HoursGradeQuality Point ValueTotal Quality Points
ENG 1013F0(3 x 0.0)= 0.0
GEO 1014C-1.7(4 x 1.7) = 6.8
ART 103 *I*(-------) = *
HIS 1033B3(3 x 3.0) = 9.0
MAT 1703D+1.3(3 x 1.3) = 3.9
PE 1012A4(2 x 4.0) = 8.0

*Note: An “I” grade is not used in computation of GPA. This computation is for one semester only.

Cumulative Average: Cumulative averages are determined solely on the basis of points and credits earned at MCC. They are calculated by dividing the grand total of each semester’s quality points by the grand total of each semester’s credits. Note: Transfer credit and credit by examination are not included in the computation of the cumulative average.

A student’s academic achievement for any given semester is calculated on the basis of only those credit courses completed as follows:

1. Determine the quality points earned in each course by the numerical value of the grade assigned. (See “Grading System” for numerical values.)

2. Total the quality points for all courses completed during the semester.

3. Total the credit hours for all courses completed during the semester.

4. Divide the total quality points by the total credit hours. The quotient represents the Semester Average.