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Student Identification Cards

Registered students will be issued an identification card that must be carried at all times. The card will be needed to use the College Libraries, recreation facilities, and services at the Campus Center Service Desk, the Electronic Learning Centers and various other functions at MCC. Additionally, students must produce their current photo ID card any time they are asked to do so by any college official (Public Safety, staff, faculty, administrator).

Students attending the Downtown Campus must show their Photo ID card for entry to the campus, as well as to access other services, such as the Bookstore, the Integrated Learning Center and the Fitness Center.

Student ID cards are valid as long as students are attending MCC. Should it be lost or damaged, a $10 replacement fee is required.

New students attending Orientation will have their picture taken and receive their card during Orientation. Any student unable to attend Orientation, may receive their Photo ID during the first week of classes.

For questions about your Student ID please call 585.292.2555.