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Tuition and Fees

Tuition Refund Appeals Process

If a student feels he or she has an extenuating circumstance that justifies an exception to the refund policy, he or she may file a tuition appeal in the following manner:

    • Appeals must be received no later than 120 days from the end of the term in which the course was offered.
    • Appeals received after the deadline will not be reviewed.
    • All requests must be submitted in writing and must include supporting documentation (e.g. drop/add forms, medical verification, obituary) and the Tuition Refund Appeal Form.
    • Appeals received without the proper documentation and form will not be reviewed.
    • Appeals must be made by the student. Appeals made “on behalf of” a student will not be reviewed (unless the student is unable to submit an appeal due to incapacitation).

Drop/add refund dates are widely publicized. Therefore, appeals based on lack of awareness of the dates will not be reviewed.

Criteria for Appeals

    • Death in the student’s immediate family (parent, sibling, offspring, spouse).
    • Unforeseen medical incapacitation.
    • Military Duty – orders must accompany appeal

Appeals cannot be done via phone. All appeals MUST be submitted in writing.