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Wait List for “Closed” Courses

Many high demand courses have electronic wait lists available. When a class reaches maximum enrollment capacity, the course is said to be “closed”. A student will not be able to register for a “closed” class but will be given an option to be put on a Wait list also referred to as being “waitlisted”.

When a spot opens up in the class, the student will automatically and immediately be notified by email (MCC) to register. The student will be given 72 hours to respond and register themselves into the class, changing their status from “Waitlist” to “Web Registered”.

A student’s position on the waitlist is noted in the Student Detail Schedule in Self-Service Banner.

Students should be aware that common scheduling errors cannot be resolved when wait listing a course. For example:
• Don’t register and wait list for different sections of the same course. Once you are placed in a section, you will be dropped from the wait lists of all other sections.
• Don’t register and wait list for courses that have a time conflict.
• Don’t wait list for a course if it will exceed the number of credits you are permitted to take in a specific semester.
Students are not charged tuition while wait listing courses. When a seat becomes available and the student moves into the course, tuition charges are generated.

Students are responsible for reviewing their schedules to be aware of their enrollment status. Once a student is enrolled, charges for the term will not be waived based on non-attendance.

When wait lists are discontinued for the semester, you must request permission from the instructor to be admitted into a closed course. If the instructor grants permission, a “green slip” must be signed by the instructor and chairperson. Since the policy on “green slips” differs among departments, you should contact the faculty member or department staff during the registration process.

Learn more about our Waitlist process, including schedule information.