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Course Descriptions

CLT 150 - Histology Techniques

1 Credit

An introduction to histological techniques used in the clinical laboratory setting. Topics include tissue preparation, fixation, embedding, sectioning, mounting and staining to facilitate microscopic examination. The student will be required to identify common cellular and tissue structures and will be required to follow all laboratory and safety protocols.

Prerequisite(s):CLT 100 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 135, BIO 143, BIO 145 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the role of a clinical histology laboratory in the overall health care system.
2. Describe the use of equipment, materials or supplies commonly used in a clinical histology laboratory.
3. Discuss good laboratory practice for a clinical histology laboratory.
4. Describe the four primary tissue types found in humans.
5. Describe common histology laboratory procedures used to prepare stained slides from tissue samples.
6. Select an appropriate stain for structure or pathogen of interest.
7. Demonstrate common histology procedures such as embedding tissue in paraffin, tissue sectioning and mounting, or routine staining of tissue sections.
8. Identify cellular structures within a prepared tissue slide using the most appropriate magnification for the structure.
9. Describe quality assessment practices for histology.

Course Offered Summer

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Fall Semester 2024
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