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Course Descriptions

PLS 275 - Law Practice Management

This course has been deactivated and no longer offered at MCC

1 Credit

Covers the fundamentals of law office organization and management. Subjects covered include basic principles and structure of the management of legal services, personnel and human resources, marketing issues, and management information systems topics such as timekeeping, accounting, administration, and cost-benefit analysis of specialized practice areas of the law. Emphasis on efficient and effective law practice organization through the optimum use of human and technical resources.

Prerequisites: PLS 260 or permission of program director.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the internal personnel structure of various configurations of law firms.
2. Explain the paralegal responsibilities by firm structure.
3. Explain billing procedures including filling out a billing time sheet.
4. Articulate filing and records management principles.
5. Identify the various types and applications of technology used in the law office.

Course Offered Spring

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Spring Semester 2024
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