Course Descriptions

ENR 161 - Computing with Microsoft Excel and LabVIEW

1 Credit

Students will be introduced to methods for solving a variety of engineering related problems using Microsoft Excel and LabVIEW. Microsoft Excel topics will include functions, graphing, matrices, linear regression, statistics, and root finding. Students will use LabVIEW to create programs that include a variety of data types, functions, loop and case structures, and graphical user interfaces. LabVIEW programs will include linear algebra, graphing, and data analysis. The course will conclude with a design project using LabVIEW and LEGO Mindstorms robots. Students will prepare and deliver written and oral reports documenting their design process.

Prerequisite: MTH 165 with a grade of C or higher, or MCC Level 9 Mathematics placement or higher.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate proficiency in using a pc based spreadsheet program.
2. Use a spreadsheet program, to analyze and solve engineering problems.
3. Apply a graphical programming language at a fundamental level.
4. Implement a solution to technical related problems using a graphical programming language, such as Labview.
5. Implement a solution to a design problem using a robotics platform, such as Lego Mindstorm.
6. Complete a well-written report
7. Deliver an effective oral presentation

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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