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Course Descriptions

PLS 268 - Personal Injury Law

2 Credits

Students learn the basic principles of personal injury law, the application of the Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR) to personal injury cases, New York automobile insurance law, worker's compensation, and procedures for suing municipalities and the State of New York. Students learn to manage document production and organization, including investigating, researching, and drafting the most commonly used forms in personal injury resulting from negligence, vehicular negligence, medical malpractice, strict liability, and product liability.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of PLS 266, or permission of program director.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the basic substantive law of torts.
2. Analyze client fact situations and propose application of the appropriate tort law.
3. Discuss the concepts of burdens of proof and presumptions in law.
4. Propose appropriate remedies for a given wrong to persons or their property.
5. Explain the defendant’s use of affirmative defenses.
6. Discuss the ideas of comparative and contributory negligence, as well as joint and several liability.
7. Formulate definitive legal positions to give direction to the litigation attorney and to focus the direction of the legal research in a specific tort action.

Course Offered Spring

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