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Course Descriptions

CLT 202 - Serological Techniques

1 Credit

An introduction to the theory and practice of serological testing with emphasis on clinical significance and disease correlation. Topics include traditional techniques and molecular methods for detection and confirmation of disease states.

Prerequisite(s): CLT 100 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 134, BIO 142, BIO 144 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor. Co-requisite(s): CLT 201 AND any one of BIO 135, BIO 143, BIO 145 (or previously completed each with a grade of C or higher).

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Perform calculations to prepare correct dilutions for use in laboratory tests.
2. Explain the principles behind key tests such as ELISA, immunodiffusion, Western blot, fluorescence microscopy, immunochromatography, latex agglutination, hemolysis, or electrophoresis.
3. Perform common serological assays according to established protocols, using appropriate equipment.
4. Discuss potential sources of error (analytic variables) or limitations of common serological assays.
5. Interpret clinical test results correctly.
6. Describe quality assessment practices for serology.
7. Explain the clinical significance of serology tests or results.

Course Offered Spring

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