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Course Descriptions

MTH 164 - Introduction to Trigonometry

1 Credit

A first course in trigonometry. Topics include the trigonometric ratios, radian measure, angles in a coordinate system, ratio values for any angle, graphs of trigonometric functions and basic trigonometric identities and equations. A specific calculator may be required of students in this course. Students are advised to check with their instructor.

Prerequisite: MTH 104 with a grade of C or better, or MCC Level 8 Mathematics Placement.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Draw an angle in standard position on coordinate axes when given the angle measure in radians.
2. Define (in terms of x, y, and r) any of the six trigonometric ratios for an angle in standard position whose terminal side passes through the point (x, y) on a circle of radius r.
3. Find the exact values of any of the six trigonometric ratios for quadrantal angles or special angles.
4. Solve first-degree trigonometric equations for exact values of the variable or for approximate values of the variable.
5. Establish new trigonometric identities by applying algebraic techniques and identities such as reciprocal, quotient or Pythagorean.
6. Analyze characteristics of trigonometric functions.
7. Perform angle measurement conversions, such as decimal degrees; degrees, minutes, seconds; or radians.

Course Offered Fall; Spring

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