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Course Descriptions

SMT 201 - Cooperative Education - Sport Management

3 Credits

This course is designed to provide students with opportunity to test his or her career choice by working in a for-profit or non-for-profit setting leading toward a career, in Sport Management. Having studied theories and principles in previous course work, the intern will be able to use the knowledge gained in an actual work environment. These opportunities can include: marketing, event management, administration, communication, sales, promotion, negotiation, and facility management. The student will be responsible for working a minimum of 12 hours per week throughout the 15-week semester.

Prerequisite(s): By department permission only

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply content knowledge to the development of work skills in a supervised work environment.
2. Create a series of work product documents both in hard copy and electronic mediums.
3. Apply networking skills within the work or community environment.
4. Review records/information pertinent to internship placement which could include: budget, facility usage and management strategies, customer service, marketing, or personnel.
5. Describe the role of specific personnel and organizational structures within the work environment which could include: Human Resources, Payroll, Service Staff, Community Relations and Co-workers or the business purpose of their internship site.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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