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Course Descriptions

TAM 205 - CNC Machining Project Laboratory

2 Credits

The students will apply CNC operating, set-up, and programming skills on various types of CNC equipment. It will involve writing part programs, setting up the machines and producing parts to specifications. Debugging, troubleshooting and program improvements will be required.

Prerequisites: TAM 101, TAM 121 AND EITHER TAM 105 OR TAM 141; Corequisite: TAM 139.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply all safety rules concerning the set-up and use of CNC equipment and shop surrounds to 100% compliance.
2. Demonstrate correct machine setups to a 70% minimum compliance level within the specified timeframe accompanied by written, complete, and correct step by step instructions for each operation.
3. Correctly manufacture parts on the different types of CNC equipment at a 70% minimum compliance level meeting the blueprint specifications.
4. Analyze and asses the machines current conditions and devise and implement a solutions to correct problems arising from part production to a 70% minimum compliance level meeting blueprint specifications.
5. Demonstrate an ability to comprehend the blueprint, analyze the manufacturing processes required, select the appropriate tooling and calculate the correct speeds and feeds for the tooling to meet blueprint specifications to a 70% minimum compliance level.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023