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Course Descriptions

PLS 250 - Paralegal Communication Skills

1 Credit

This course provides basic communications skills needed by paralegals as perceived by both paralegals and the lawyers with whom they work. These skills include: listening, writing, speaking, conflict resolution, assertiveness, and nonverbal communications. Listening activities include: exercises which develop active listening strategies and notetaking. Writing activities include exercises to construct clear sentences, compose letters which obtain and transmit information, and summarize facts. Speaking activities include exercises to fully, clearly and effectively obtain and relay information. Nonverbal activities include strategies and tactics for effective law office communications. Students learn to identify their own communication styles and methods for improving their communication effectiveness. Must be matriculated into the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program.

Prerequisite(s): PLS 260 or permission of program director.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply active listening strategies to obtain information for note taking.
2. Apply verbal strategies to obtain and relay information.
3. Create letters and documents using proper grammar and spelling appropriate for a legal setting.
4. Demonstrate strategies or tactics for effective law office communications.
5. Demonstrate assertiveness appropriate for a legal setting.
6. Demonstrate conflict resolution strategies appropriate for a legal setting.

Course Offered Fall

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