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Course Descriptions

PLS 271 - Corporate Law and Business Organizations

2 Credits

Introduces students to corporate law and the formation, operation, dissolution, and buying and selling various kinds of business organizations. Subjects include sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, professional associations, franchises, and the law of agency and employment agreements. Also included in this course is a section on business closings. The role of the paralegal in a corporate law department or in the corporate section of a law firm is to implement the decisions of the attorneys and clients. Once the business evaluation has occurred, the paralegal is responsible for the details of drafting, filing and assembling the relevant documents and making the deal happen on a predetermined timetable.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of PLS 266 and PLS 267, or permission of program director.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Differentiate between the various types of business entities and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
2. Explain the basic government and judicial structures which form the basis for the business and corporate areas of law.
3. Demonstrate an ability to recognize the interrelationship between law and business/corporate structure systems and how one influences another.
4. Explain the ramifications when a partnership or corporation is invalidly formed.
5. Examine how the law of agency is interrelated to business and corporate law.
6. Explain the tax implications for partnerships and corporations.
7. Define sexual harassment in the corporations/business/work environments.
8. Prepare a partnership agreement.

Course Offered Summer

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023