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Course Descriptions

OFT 214 - Administrative Office Procedures

4 Credits

This course presents concepts and procedures used in today’s electronic office. It encompasses discussions on professional conduct and ethics, job readiness techniques, and small group collaboration. Other topics include the use of communication devices and equipment, use of electronic mail, records management, reprographics technology, administrative travel procedures, Internet research and reference procedures. Oral and written communication skills will be emphasized.

Prerequisites: OFT 112 and OFT 141.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Discuss evolving expectations of the changing office workplace.
2. Demonstrate efficient use of office-related equipment.
3. Describe the professional traits of a successful administrative assistant.
4. Compose effective correspondence.
5. Develop an oral report that meets professional standards.
6. Deliver an oral report effectively.
7. Arrange business travel plans that could include organization meetings or events.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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