Course Descriptions

NUR 111 - Fundamentals of Nursing

7 Credits

NUR 111 focuses on the Basic Needs of the non acute adult patient to provide quality, safe patient centered care for diverse populations.
The MCC nursing program’s conceptual framework and the core competencies of Associate Degree Nursing practice: Professional Identity, Nursing Judgment, Human Flourishing, and Spirit of Inquiry, are introduced.
Students use knowledge, science and evidence to begin to assess a patient’s ability to meet Basic Needs and to implement fundamental nursing interventions.

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in high school chemistry, biology and either Sequential Math, Math A Regents or High School Algebra or MTH 098; Corequisites: NUR 110; PSY 101; BIO 144; and MTH 104, MTH 160 or higher; unless previously taken.

Learning Attributes: WR

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Identify members of the interprofessional team.
2.Identify data that indicate an individual is meeting Basic Needs, for selected non-acute patients.
3.Apply therapeutic communication techniques with selected non-acute patients.
4.Describe each step of the Nursing Process.
5.Describe basic principles of prioritization in professional nursing practice.
6.Identify data that indicates assistance is required to meet safety needs for selected non-acute patients.
7.Demonstrate accountable behaviors consistent with professional nursing practice.
8.Relate ethical behaviors to the principles of the ANA Code of Ethics.
9.List common evidence-based practice resources for professional nursing practice.
10.Apply evidence-based standards of professional nursing care at a fundamental level.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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