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Course Descriptions

FPT 230 - Advanced Aircraft Rescue Firefighting

2.5 Credits

This class is designed to enhance the skills of the basic ARFF Firefighter. This training will place the firefighter above the minimum requirements and provide multi-faceted skills required to meet aviation fire protection demands. An extensive use of the aircraft fire training simulators and classroom presentations will be provided. The student will be introduced to rescue systems and equipment, tools and apparatus, airport facilities, chemistry of fire, foam systems, Incident Management System (IMS), and strategies and tactical considerations in fire suppression operations. The hands-on sessions will consist of conducting advanced rescue techniques and extrication of trapped victims, firefighting foams and mass applications, motor vehicle fires, structural fires suppression operations, water rescue, and advanced aircraft fire suppression.

Prerequisite: FPT 130 or equivalent combination of training and experience.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Summarize the chemistry of fire, foam systems, the Incident Management System, and strategies and tactical considerations used in fire suppression and rescue operations involving aircraft and airport facilities.
2. Demonstrate the operation of firefighting and rescue equipment, tools, and apparatus commonly used at aircraft and airport incidents.
3. Assess aircraft and airport fire/rescue incidents and select and use the appropriate suppression and rescue strategies focusing on responder and passenger safety.
4. Coordinate a multi-unit emergency response to aircraft and airport fire and rescue incidents.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023