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Course Descriptions

PLE 204 - Practicum in Policing II

16 Credits

This sixteen-week course places the recruit officer/deputy into an application laboratory experience in which his/her degree of direct involvement accelerates with experience. He/she applies the principles, theories and techniques taught in the academy stage, to the operating demands of the street. The officer/deputy is under the close and continuous supervision of a specially trained assessment professional - the Field Training Officer. Successful completion of this course leads to certification as a Police Officer by the NYS Bureau of Municipal Police. Also offered in Summer.

Prerequisites: PLE 101, PLE 102, PLE 103.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Present a professional appearance while on the job.
2. Receive and act upon feedback from a colleague or senior officer.
3. Apply ethical principles to varying situations while on the job.
4. Follow departmental policies and procedures.
5. Apply appropriate penal/criminal procedures to various situations.
6. Enforce various vehicle and traffic laws appropriately in various situations.
7. Demonstrate effective driving skills under varying conditions or circumstances.
8. Complete a variety of reports as required.
9. Apply officer safety skills effectively under varying conditions or circumstances.
10. Apply principles of conflict management as required in various situations.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023