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Course Descriptions

CRJ 104 - Criminal Law

3 Credits

A study of the fundamental concepts of the substantive criminal law, including a short history of and purposes of the law, classification of offenses and sentences. A detailed study of mental culpability, defenses, such as infancy, insanity and the anticipatory crimes, offenses against the person; and those involving intrusion upon property, fraud, public administration, and public order. (Need not be taken in sequence.)

Prerequisites: CRJ 101, CRJ 103 or permission of instructor

Course Learning Outcomes
1. State the basic principles of criminal law and explain how those principles are reflected in New York’s Penal Law.
2. Identify the major categories of New York‘s Penal Law offenses.
3. Explain the basic elements and aggravating circumstances of each category of offense in New York's Penal law.
4. Apply with proficiency the New York State Penal Law statutes to hypothetical problems or other fact patterns.
5. Explain how statutory law is impacted by constitutional law or case law with specific examples in the New York State Penal Law.
6. Discuss the purpose and methods of continuously updating changes in statutory law and relevant case law.
7. Demonstrate proficiency in using the New York State Penal Law as a reference tool.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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