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Course Descriptions

DAS 122 - Advanced Biomedical Sciences for Dental Assisting Practice

2 Credits

This course will focus on didactic content in biomedical sciences to provide the foundational knowledge to assess and adapt to individual patient needs, provide relevant and current patient education, deliver safe and effective patient treatment and understand oral diseases and treatment options. Topics will include: embryology and histology, preventive dentistry, oral pathology, microbiology, nutrition and pharmacology.

Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of DAS 110, DEN 111, DEN 112, DEN 113, DEN 211

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe how the process of embryologic development impacts patient assessment and treatment.
2. Describe how the histology of the tissues of the teeth impact oral health and disease.
3. Describe how the histology of the supporting tissues of the periodontium impact oral health and disease.
4. Describe how nutrition relates to oral health.
5. Construct a dietary evaluation for a specific patient.
6. Describe the decay process.
7. Explain how the decay process is influenced by histology.
8. Explain procedures for management of dental decay.
9. Explain the objectives of preventive dentistry.
10. Demonstrate proper oral self-care techniques.
11. Construct an appropriate home care plan for a specific patient.
12. Describe common oral pathological conditions.
13. Explain how oral pathological conditions impact patient assessment and treatment.
14. Identify the common categories of drugs encountered by dental professionals.
15. Explain how the different categories of drugs used by patients may impact their treatment.
16. Describe how prescriptions are managed in dental practice.
17. Explain how the decay process is influenced by nutrition.

Course Offered Spring

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