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Course Descriptions

SPC 172 - Honors - Competitive Public Speaking

1 Credit

Students will work collaboratively with the instructor and classmates to develop skills for competition-style speaking through the practice and performance of an original speech. One speech will be developed, presented, critiqued and improved during class rehearsals. Students will learn through hands-on experience the in-depth effort required for professional and competitive public speaking.

Prerequisite: Audition and/or permission of the instructor and enrollment in SPT 142 or SPC 142 (formerly SPT 142).

Learning Attributes: WR

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Create a 5-7 minute original speech to be used for a competition that includes an attention-getting opening, well-supported and organized body and a closing call to action
2. Develop a speech using the elements of effective speaking, including speech content, body language and vocal variety to meet specific judge’s criteria
3. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in support of classmates by offering supportive and helpful feedback during class practice time
4. Practice in a theatre setting, using videotaped rehearsals to gain a greater self-awareness as well as identify revision opportunities regarding speech content and delivery
5. Participate in a speech contest, professionally dressed, on stage, in front of a theatre audience, under stage lights, with sound equipment and no notes

Course Offered Spring

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