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Course Descriptions

MAR 200 - Principles of Marketing

3 Credits

This course examines the business function of Marketing. Students will learn how marketers deliver value in satisfying customer needs and wants, determine which target markets the organization can best serve, and decide upon appropriate products, services, and programs to serve these markets. Topics include branding and product development, pricing strategies, marketing research, promotion, supply chain management and service marketing. Marketing metrics will be used throughout the course to assess the impact of marketing strategies.

Prerequisites: BUS 104 with a C or better and (MTH098 with a C or better or MTH096 with a B- or better or MCC Level 6 Mathematics placement.)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Define and explain core marketing terms and concepts.
2. Explain how the environment affects a firm’s marketing effort.
3. Explain and describe influences on consumer behavior and the buyer’s decision process.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the marketing mix and how it is used.
6. Describe the role of marketing within service firms and non-profit organizations.
7. Describe the types of marketing research and identify their role in a firm's marketing efforts.
8. Calculate various marketing metrics and analyze the results to assess the success of marketing strategies.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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