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Course Descriptions

PHY 155 - General Physics II

4 Credits

A continuation of PHY 154. Topics to include electricity and magnetism, DC and AC circuits, optics, and topics from modern physics.

Prerequisite: PHY 154 with a grade of C or higher.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Solve a 2-step electric forces and fields problem using trigonometry.
2. Solve a 1-step electric potential problem using calculus.
3. Solve a 3-step electric current and circuits problem for a new situation using algebra.
4. Solve a 2-step magnetic forces and fields problem using trigonometry.
5. Solve a 1-step electromagnetic induction problem using calculus.
6. Solve a 2-step alternating current problem using algebra.
7. Solve a 2-step electromagnetic waves problem using algebra.
8. Solve a 2-step reflection and refraction of light problem using algebra.
9. Solve a 3-step interference and diffraction problem using algebra.
10. Solve a 2-step modern physics problem using algebra.
11. Demonstrate competency with lab instruments.
12. Differentiate between good and bad data.
13. Write a conclusion for a laboratory experiment.
14. Design a rudimentary experiment.

Course Offered Summer

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