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Course Descriptions

CLT 205 - Clinical Microbiology II

2 Credits

There are many fascinating microorganisms that cause a wide range of human diseases. This course explores mycobacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses that affect human health. Topics that will be discussed include techniques to isolate and identify the organisms, methods to treat infections and prevent their spread, the correlation to human disease, and the effects of infectious diseases on communities around the world.

Prerequisite(s): CLT 204 with a C or higher or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the clinical laboratory techniques used to the isolate and/or identify mycobacteria, parasites, fungi, or viruses.
2. Perform and interpret clinical laboratory tests to identify mycobacteria, parasites, or fungi.
3. Explain the clinical significance of select mycobacteria, parasites, fungi, or viruses.
4. Discuss methods to treat or control the spread of mycobacterial, parasite, fungal, or viral infections.
5. Analyze the effects of select infectious diseases on example communities around the world.

Course Offered Fall

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