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Course Descriptions

MMP 155 - Automotive Braking Systems

4.5 Credits

Theory related instruction and demonstration of testing and repair procedures covering automotive brake systems. Includes drum and disc brakes, hydraulic systems, power assist and anti-lock systems.

MTH 098 (may be taken concurrently or previously completed) OR MCC Level 6 Mathematics placement.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe hydraulic brake systems.
2. Diagnose hydraulic brake systems.
3. Repair hydraulic brake systems.
4. Describe drum brake systems.
5. Diagnose drum brake systems.
6. Repair drum brake systems.
7. Describe disc brake systems.
8. Diagnose disc brake systems.
9. Repair disc brake systems.
10. Diagnose brake power assist units.
11. Repair brake power assist units.
12. Diagnose brake related electrical faults.
13. Repair brake related electrical faults.
14. Diagnose wheel bearing concerns.
15. Repair wheel bearing concerns.
16. Diagnose parking brake concerns.
17. Repair parking brake concerns.
18. Demonstrate the brake system diagnostic processes.

Course Offered Fall, Spring, Summer, Intersession

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