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Course Descriptions

MTH 060 - Support Lab for Statistics

No Credit

A lab designed to support students in MTH 160 (Statistics I) or MTH 162 (Statistics for the Social Sciences) at MCC. It is only for students who need MTH 160, MTH 161 or MTH 162 as the terminal mathematics course in their program and place at Mathematics Level 4, 5, or 6. It is not for students who need to take MTH 104 or MTH 165 (or higher). Topics include, but are not limited to, arithmetic operations on real numbers, solving linear equations, simplifying expressions containing whole number exponents, using a calculator to find decimal approximations of square roots, graphing linear equations, and appropriate applications of these topics.

Prerequisite(s): TRS 094 with a minimum grade of C OR MCC Level 4 Mathematics Placement; and ENG 101 OR ENG 200 OR English Placement. Co-Requisite(s): MTH 160 OR MTH 162

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Evaluate an expression by applying the priority of operations.
2. Solve first degree equations in one variable.
3. Solve literal equations
4. Simplify expressions involving whole number exponents.
5. Graph linear equations on the Cartesian coordinate system.
6. Solve applications involving linear equations.
7. Use interval notation to express linear inequalities in one variable.
8. Determine the domain and range of functions.
9. Evaluate a function for a specified input value.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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