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Course Descriptions

POS 234 - Model United Nations

4 Credits

This course offers opportunities for academic, career and personal growth for those interested in international affairs and the political arena. Students will work together researching the history, culture and relevant domestic issues of the assigned country, and will learn about one of the most important international organizations in the world: the United Nations. In the process, this class will provide students with the knowledge and leadership skills (i.e., negotiating, team building, public speaking, etc.) to prepare students as delegates to the Model United Nations Conference. In contrast to standard lecture courses, students will be actively involved in team directed preparation and content delivery. Attendance at the Model United Nations Conference is mandatory.

Prerequisite: Registration in this course is by permission only, following an application and selection process that takes place in the Fall Semester.

Learning Attributes: WR

MCC General Education: MCC-GLO - Global Understanding (MGLO)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify and describe the historic and current role of the United Nations in the international system
2. Explain the process of politics between national and international organizations
3. Analyze the problems and potential solutions faced by the United Nations
4. Complete an intensive study of a selected country’s actual participation in the United Nations
5. Develop leadership and diplomatic skills such as problem solving; negotiating; analysis; critical thinking
6. Utilize a variety of skill sets such as research; writing; speaking; teambuilding
7. Formulate an appreciation of diversity and inclusion
8. Apply skills learned toward participation at an international Model United Nations held in New York City

Course Offered Spring

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