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Course Descriptions

ENR 256 - Mechanics of Materials

3 Credits

Fundamentals of the theory of elasticity will be presented. Stress-strain relations will be applied to the study of the mechanics of deformable solids including the analysis of beams, shafts, and columns, and the use of energy methods.

Prerequisite(s):ENR 251 and MTH 211, both with a grade of C or higher.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Correlate an object's externally applied force system to its internal stresses and strains.
2. Evaluate an object's deformation resulting from applied loads and given geometric and material properties using Hooke's Law or other relevant models.
3. Apply the principles of flexure, stress, strain and energy to determine the deformation of structures.
4. Determine maximum and minimum invariants from the application of mathematical transformations of stress and strain elements.

Course Offered Spring

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