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Course Descriptions

ENR 259 - Engineering Design Lab

1 Credit

Students will work in teams to solve an engineering design problem of their choice subject to approval from the instructor. Students will be encouraged to choose a project from an intercollegiate engineering design competition. Teams will design and build a working prototype, keep an engineering notebook, submit a weekly time sheets, create a final design report, and make a final oral presentation.

Prerequisite(s): CIT 112 or ELT 112 or ENR 153 or ENR 157 or ENR 161 or MET 121 or OPT 151 or TAM 105 or TAM 141

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply knowledge from previous engineering courses to propose a design solution to a given set of requirements.
2. Construct a working prototype.
3. Evaluate prototype design performance and revise as necessary.
4. Produce a detailed design report.
5. Compose an oral presentation of the design.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2024
Summer Session 2024