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Course Descriptions

CIT 217 - Construction Management

4 Credits

An introduction to basic construction management and organization. Topics include project organization, staffing, labor relations, planning, critical path scheduling, integrated job cost control, production control, and job site safety.

Prerequisites: CIT 122, 123; prerequisites/corequisites: CIT 221, 232

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Prepare a detailed plan to manage a construction project.
2. Apply job logic to sequence project activities.
3. Break down construction estimates into activity costs.
4. Establish activity duration based on productivity standards.
5. Apply computer applications for bar chart and critical path schedules.
6. Use schedules as control guidelines for the project.
7. Organize a project team based on the construction project requirements
8. Assign responsibility for the coordination of activities on the project.
9. Plan the set up of a field construction office with appropriate communications and documentation,and establish operating procedures for a project including meetings and reports
10. Implement a construction safety program.

Course Offered Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023