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Course Descriptions

PLS 266 - Legal Research and Writing

3 Credits

Students develop legal research and analysis strategies through lecture, library exercises, and computerized research. Understanding the structure of the sources of law and utilizing critical thinking skills equip students to undertake legal research systematically. Students use federal and New York State CD-ROM and law books consisting of substantive and procedural documents, digests, reporters, statutes, rules and regulations of administrative agencies, and the Internet to research databases and communicate with others. Writing exercises involve analyzing, summarizing, and synthesizing research in a clear, concise, accurate and timely manner based upon the procedural requirements of the law.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of PLS 260, or permission of program director.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Locate, recognize, read selections from, and explain the sources of law,
2. Identify, read, and define citations,
3. Gather and analyze facts and identify and organize legal issues,
4. Define terminology used in legal research and specific documents,
5. Determine “key” search words prior to conducting research
6. Use legal research tools, both manually and electronically,
7. Use CD-ROM and the internet.
8. Take notes on facts and principles surrounding issues in specific cases,
9. Summarize, analyze, and synthesize findings
10. Write drafts in timely manner,

Course Offered Fall

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023