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Course Descriptions

MET 202 - Functional Design, Drafting, and Analysis

3 Credits

The student learns to apply Computer Aided Design tools to analyze the functional parameters of parts and assemblies. Student teams are required to design and analyze assemblies in a hands-on project based learning environment. Course modules include kinematic and motion analysis, tolerance analysis and functional loading analysis of parts and assemblies.

Prerequisite: MET 101, ENR 153

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Analyze and solve engineering design problems using computer based tools such as Excel and Solid Modeling.
2. Describe the motion, velocity and acceleration of points and bodies.
3. Apply the principles of Solid Modeling to Kinematic Mechanisms.
4. Animate and Analyze engineering designs for proper layout, kinematics linkages, and tolerance related interferences.

Course Offered Spring

Use links below to see if this course is offered:
Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023