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Course Descriptions

LDS 102 - Leadership and Diversity

3 Credits

This course will examine how diversity affects groups, organizations, coalitions, and societies, and will pay particular attention to the challenges and opportunities diversity presents for leadership. The course approaches diversity in a new way, treating diversity as a feature of individuals as well as groups of individuals.

Prerequisite: LDS 101

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Construct solutions to leadership and diversity issues and assess leadership styles and behaviors.
2. Verbalize the knowledge of fundamental diversity challenges, leadership and diversity theories, philosophies and practical applications of leadership principles by analyzing and critiquing a historical leader and conducting an individual presentation on effectiveness of their leadership in the midst of diversity.
3. Cite the principles of leadership and be able to articulate through a final project the importance of understanding the dynamics of diversity and the impact that it has on an organization as well as upon a leader.
4. Analyze various articles and journals on leadership and diversity and discuss the different type of “isms” that are prevalent in society and its effect on leadership development.

Course Offered Fall, Spring

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Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023