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Course Descriptions

TAM 143 - CNC Lathe Set-up

3 Credits

The student will learn the basics about Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes, understanding part programs, operator skills, basic set-up skills, and advanced set-up skills. Students will use a variety of instructional media to learn the concepts of CNC.

Prerequisites: TAM 101, TAM 121, AND TAM 131; Corequisite: TAM 139.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply all safety rules concerning the setup and use of CNC equipment and shop surroundings to 100% compliance.
2. Identify and apply lathe: components, coordinate grid systems, lathe machining operations, and programming methods to a 70% minimum compliance.
3. Identify, interpret and prepare lathe: programming codes, manual controls, and read basic EIA programs, and conversational programs. This will be done to 70% minimum compliance.
4. Demonstrate the loading, storage, and activating lathe part programs, apply tool offsets and tool data, analysis causes of part defects, prepare replace tools, and restart program operation. This will be done to 70% minimum compliance.
5. Analyze and propose lathe: process planning for new job, selecting work holding devices. This will be done to 70% minimum compliance.
6. Perform the installation of new tooling and enter tool data, establish program zero, enter tool offset data and establish a safe index point. This will be done to 70% minimum compliance.

Course Offered Fall

Use links below to see if this course is offered:
Fall Semester 2023
Summer Session 2023