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Course Descriptions

ASL 216 - Special Topics in Deaf Studies and ASL

3 Credits

This course is designed to address specific topics of interest in Deaf Studies and ASL. Offerings are more specific and focused than the Introductory surveys. Offerings provide students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Deaf Studies and ASL. Examples of possible offerings include, but is not limited to: Artistic Expressions of Deafhood, Deaf Art and Cinema, Career Explorations in the Sign Language Field and General Linguistics. Topics may change from semester to semester based on faculty and student interest. The classes will be primarily lecture and discussion based and may include occasional relevant outside events.

Prerequisite(s): ASL 103 or equivalent or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Define Deafhood by referencing well-known works in areas such as ASL & English Literatures, Deaf Cinema, Deaf Theatre, or Deaf Visual Arts.
2. Describe literary expressions of Deafhood.
3. Describe artistic expressions of Deafhood.
4. Describe the Deaf Community's interpretation of known Deafhood artistic expressions.
5. Analyze artistic expressions found in the community and/or on the web.
6. Compare old and new perceptions of Deafhood.
7. Analyze common themes found in Deafhood through known literary works.
8. Describe the challenges that deaf and hard of hearing people face on a daily basis.

Course Offered Fall

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